All You Need To Know About Pure Hemp Oil Gummies.

by Alfred van der Heide
hemp oil gummies

Everyone loves Haribo Gummie Bears, those wonderfully colored, chewy little treats. Only issue with them was that you would always feel guilty after eating hands full of them, and maybe even a little bit hyper.

With the recent upsurge in cannabis legalization across the States, as well as Canada, hemp is becoming more and more popular.

Although some people might find the taste of pure hemp oil slightly off putting.

These little treats from your childhood now exist with an infusion of totally safe, hemp oil extract. Giving yourself a good reason to have one every now and then and feel totally good about it. That is because your body just received a big boost in Omega-3, 6’s, and 9’s, as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin B and more.

Hemp oil has been shown to aid in Stress Relief, Inflammation, Pain, Sleep, depression, Trauma, and Nausea.

For more information please look at our other article, which addresses Raw Hemp Seeds: The Miracle of Raw Hemp Seeds.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil is an extract obtained from processing the Hemp plants stalks and/or seeds. Hemp Oil is non hallucinogenic, Although hemp oil is extracted from Hemp, the same plant species as marijuana, hemp has industrial properties, such as the production of hemp oil, or the hemp fibers for clothes. Hemp oil is simply a nutritious oil.

All You Need To Know About Pure Hemp Oil Gummies. 4

What is CBD, and what is THC?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it is a phytocannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant which is responsible for giving you a relaxing feeling. CBD does not cause you to hallucinate, but rather one might feel like weight is lifted off their chest, or as if they have become achieved neutral buoyancy without being in water.

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, it is also a cannabinoid identified in cannabis. THC is what induces people to have that psychoactive, hallucinogenic effect humans get when smoking for instance a joint.

It is believed that taking both CBD and THC can have an effect on each other. CBD might damped the effect of THC.

Hemp / Hempseed Oil vs. CBD Oil vs Hash Oil

Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil or Hash oil.

Hemp oil contains the nutrients found in hemp seeds, and the hemp stalks. Hemp oil does not contain CBD, found in CBD oil, or THC found in Hash oil.

Hemp oil is obtained from cold pressing the seeds and then refining the extract, until you are left with a clear, but slight light green/brown/yellow oil.

hemp oil on hand
hemp oil in a pipette on skin

CBD oil is derived from Cannabis plants which are genetically cultivated to have high levels of CBD, but not THC.

Hash oil is derived from Cannabis plants which additionally to CBD also have THC.

Hemp oil is legal everywhere as it does not contain any drug qualities.

The Significance of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has been used for centuries as a medicine. It is only in the past hundred years that there has been such a backlash at anything Cannabis related due to the danger it imposes on many established industries.

However as people are seeing that there are natural remedies available to many problems, people are making the switch.

There is evidence of hemp cultivation happening more than 10,000 years ago in Asia, where ancient civilizations discovered that hemp oils and seeds provided protein, vitamins, essential fatty and amino acids, improving their health. In addition the oils could be turned into salves and cremes improving the skin.

Hemp gummies pack all the benefits of hemp oil into an easily digestible little treat, perfect to take yourself or give to your loved ones. Remember, food is medicine.

Hemp gummies might be hard to obtain depending on the drugstores in your area.

If you are interested in purchasing hemp oil infused gummies we have provided our thoughts on what the best option is, both in terms of what the people say as well as value.

The Best Selling Hemp Gummies

Premium Hemp Gummies, made by KEYLOR NUTRITION.

All You Need To Know About Pure Hemp Oil Gummies. 5

keylor nutrition premium hemp gummies are by far the most popular hemp oil gummies. Just take one gummy per day, every day. One tub will last you 120 days, as there are 120 gummy pieces.

KEYLOR’s premium hemp gummies contain 25mg of hemp extract per gummi piece and have a tropical taste that will make you come back every day for more.

KEYLOR’s claims correspond to exactly one would expect to find when supplementing your diet with hemp oil:

  • RELIEF PAIN, NO STRESS – The best way to cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed is to take the edge off and enjoy some of the benefits Hemp Gummies have to offer. Mood support, reduced stress and anxiety, strong immunity and better sleep – just some of the benefits!
  • EXPLODING WITH NUTRITIENTS – Hemp is a superfood, great in providing the needed vitamins and nutrients to bodies. Our product contains all useful ingredients – Protein, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Fiber, Vitamin E, Antioxidantsю All that is needed to build up body and sharpen mind so that you can live an active and happy life.

What do the reviews say?

Average Rating 4.2/5 stars

All You Need To Know About Pure Hemp Oil Gummies. 6

Majority of people wrote that the gummies help them with their pain, especially back pain. Some people also wrote that it helps them with their anxiety and depression.

The minority of people who disliked the product left 1-star ratings unfortunately by expecting the product to have CBD in it, even though it is stated that it does not. And by definition Hemp oil not being the same as CBD oil, so that is on them.


The “King Size” jar comes with 120 gummies.

Although 25mg of hemp oil per gummiepiece is just around average or maybe even a bit more than average, there are other brands which provide more hemp oil per gummie piece (50mg), however the cost will be the same, but you will receive only a small amount of gummies, ( often around 20-30 pieces.)

Overall you will be paying more money per mg of hemp oil. If you want a larger dosage it would be better to just take 2 gummies from KEYLOR nutrition instead. Same logic applies if you want a smaller dosage, then cut the gummie in half.

If you are interested in the product consider using the link provided on the page, it costs you nothing but gives me a small kickback as a token of appreciation.

Do you have any tips or recommendations of what Hemp Oil products you think are great? Let us know below!

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