The Ultimate Hemp Bedding Guide

by Alfred van der Heide

Humans have used beddings for centuries, it is a critical part of animal husbandry.

Beddings play an essential role in ensuring the well being of our farm animals or pets.

If you have been using wood shavings, hay, straw, sawdust, or wood chips as bedding or substrate for your animals, its time to take a closer look at hemp bedding.

Proper rest is essential, not just for humans but also for animals

We understand how important rest can be. Not sleeping comfortably or enough can ruin our day.

The same goes for the well being of our animals.

Good bedding for animals is vital. Having proper bedding to rest on, will ensure that our animals have a better life. The better the bedding is, the lower the risk for contamination, the spread of disease, and the loss of heat. Furthermore, having soft bedding can make our animals have a higher quality of rest as pressure on the skin is reduced.

The Ultimate Hemp Bedding Guide 8
Horse is resting on bedding.

Animals rely on bedding to soak up excess moisture and urine. A good bedding will act as an absorbent, as well as reducing odors, and increasing ventilation by keeping the animals home dry.

Bedding should also cushion the animal and prevent it from becoming bruised. what’s more, bedding should also be able to hold on to heat, allowing the animal a warmer place to sleep on.

Which animals are suitable to use Hemp Bedding?

The majority of animals are compatible with hemp bedding and prefer it over other types of bedding. Hemp bedding is known not to have a nice taste. Leading animals to not willingly ingest it. Hemp bedding is also dust-free, preventing the animals from getting respiratory or digestive problems.

Animals that are known to be compatible with Hemp bedding:

  • Horses
  • Reptiles
  • Chickens / chicks
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Cats

Why opt for Hemp Bedding

Hemp bedding has many benefits over other bedding sorts.

A typical animal bedding is made from wood shavings, hay, or sawdust.

These types of bedding can cause many health problems for animals. The small dust particles that wood shavings, hay, or sawdust create can cause respiratory problems, as well as gastrointestinal issues.

The Ultimate Hemp Bedding Guide 9
Hemp bedding

Other bedding types such as sand, are bad at absorbing moisture.

Wood chips and paper can have high levels of bacterial growth resulting in odor, and health issues.

Hemp bedding, on the other hand, is very absorbent, it can absorb 1.5 times more liquid than wood pellets can. This is roughly four times its own weight.

Hemp bedding is also completely natural, resistant to mold as well as being biodegradable.

Hemp bedding is dust free, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for your animals. Hemp tends to clump fecal matter together making it easy to clean, with something as simple as a cat litter scoop.

Bedding made from Hemp is also shown to be a viable option for animals, such as horses who can have a dust allergy.

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Hemp Bedding for chickens

Chickens love hemp bedding. It keeps their coup odourless and most importantly dry.

hemp bedding for chickens

Chickens love having hemp bedding in their nesting grounds as the bedding stays warm in the winter and is dry in the summer.

Hemp bedding in chicken coup can last for months. Additionally, hemp bedding can also be used in the chickens nesting boxes.

Hemp bedding is a natural product, if the chickens accidentally inject the bedding it will simply be digested and the chickens stay unharmed.

The bedding is also free of dust preventing any lung or eye irritations for the chickens.

hemp bedding for chickens

Look what a forum member had to say about their experience with hemp bedding for chickens




Although hemp bedding is more expensive than other bedding types. It is also far better, both for the chicken and yourself taking care after the chickens.


How Hemp Bedding is made

To make bedding from hemp, you have to strip the fibers off the stem of the hemp plant and processes it.

Hemp does not require any pesticides or fertilizers to grow, resulting in an organic, eco-friendly bedding that your pets will quickly feel accustomed to.

hemp fibre

Hemp fibers being stripped from the bast.


Hemp Bedding Comparison


Hemp Bedding by CarolinaCoops

If you are looking for bedding specifically for chicken coops, then take a look at Carolina Coops Industrial Hemp Bedding For Chickens.

Carolina Coops are specialists in chicken coops.

Their main business is building custom hand made quality chicken coops.

Carolina Coops understands chickens and offers a wide selection of options and accessories to enhance chicken coops.

Of course, the hemp bedding is not limited to just chickens, but their hemp bedding has minimal levels of dust making it ideal for farm fowl.

The industrial hemp is originally from western Europe.


Carolina Coops Hemp bedding works amazingly well using the deep litter method.

 The deep litter method is a method of taking care of the bedding. Instead of removing the entire bedding, you remove the clumps or break them apart every couple of days, or week (depending on your coop), then add a new fresh layer of bedding on top. 

To get an idea of how big the bags of hemp are, check out this wholesome video made by CarolinaCoops!

Using hemp can really be a good investment, you save so much time and the product lasts for a very long time.


Hemp Bedding by Dr. Hemp

Dr. Hemp All Natural Pet Bedding Bag. is the most captivating industrial hemp out there.

It’s 8- Quart paper bag has a premium feel and is stronger than the plastic bags provided by competitors, but it comes at a slightly higher price.

Dr. Hemp is a Dutchman who grew up and was raised in the fields; this is where he cared for rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals. After Dr.Hemp befriended two Americans, he brought his practice to the states, where he now distributes across the USA.

Dr.Hemp’s product is made in the USA, instead of Europe and is perfect for hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, rats, chickens, birds, and other small animals.

Chemical Free Industrial hemp requires limited pesticides or herbicides when grown which prevents chemical residues being transferred to your animal


Remember, you should replace your pet’s bedding every six to eight weeks when using a hemp bedding.


Hemp Bedding by RentACoop

Hemp Bedding by RentACoop is one of the cheapest and best out there.

RentACoop, as the name implies is a coop rental company that rents out the tools you need to successfully breed your own chickens. RentACoop’s service is based around Washington, USA. However, their hemp bedding can be ordered via worldwide.

RentACoop sells its substrate in a large size and a small size. Catering both to large animals, as well as smaller animals such as rabbits, hamsters, or even snakes.

  • The large size is approximately 30.5 pounds.
  • Whereas the smaller sized bag is approximately 5 pounds.

You save about 30% per pound when ordering the larger size compared to the smaller size.

Half of the 300-litre bag can cover a 4’x6′ coop with 1.5 inches of bedding. A full bag can cover an 8’x6′ coop with 1.5 inches of bedding, or approximately 50 square feet covered with 1.5 inches of bedding.


Final Thoughts

As previously stated, using hemp can be a good investment, you save so much time, and the product lasts for a very long time.

Hemp is not only the most absorbent bedding but also has minimum levels of dust. I’ve compiled a small visual infographic below to convey the benefits.

If you are looking to purchase hemp bedding on a large scale, I recommend Industrial hemp by Carolina Coops. It is one of the cheapest per pound, as well as Carolina Coops having reliable customer service you can rely on.

If you are looking to purchase hemp bedding for your pet and you want the highest quality hemp bedding, I recommend Dr.Hemp’s All Natural Pet Bedding Bag. The bedding is chemical free preventing chemical residue from transferring to your pet, ensuring it stays healthy.


Have you ever used Hemp bedding for your animals, why don’t you leave your opinion for the others down below.

We also have a CBD oil dosage calculator for horses, and dogs, if your pet is suffering from an illness such as anxiety and you are not sure how much CBD you should give them.


hemp bedding infographic


Compact infographic with mentioned information.

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Aubiose USA April 19, 2019 - 8:04 am

Hemp Bedding is really very fruitful for all those small animals who are having respiratory problems and allergies. The infographic which you have mentioned in your blog has amazingly described the need of hemp bedding for your pet.

hemp bedding June 17, 2021 - 6:03 am

Hemp fibers can be grown in as little as a few months, compared to pine trees which are grown in 12-15 years. They realized they were able to help save the planet by applying the Italian hemp bedding in their barn.


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