Hemp Wicks – The Perfect Companion for your Lighter

by Alfred van der Heide
hemp wick lit

Hemp wicks provide a safer alternative to butane lighters. Hemp wicks are made from the hemp plant. Hemp fibers are obtained from stripping the stalks and bast of the Hemp plant.

Why use Hemp Wicks

Hemp is referred to as the industrial version of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp has industrious qualities so it usually has minute levels of Cannabinoid (CBD), and in most countries, it is required by law to have less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So you will not get high from smoking the hemp wick.

A Short History Lesson About Hemp Fabric

Hemp is an age-old crop which was mainly found in the northern hemisphere. Hemp always had several commercial uses but with the advent of time cotton was introduced, followed by jute as the commercial fiber and hemp started to lose its importance with time. Hemp dates back thousands of years. The first plants to be spun as useable fibers were hemp. Furthermore, for agricultural purposes, hemp was terrific as it is one of the fastest growing crops in the world.

In the last century, hemp regained some of its importance as a commercial crop and several hemp fields were established. Hemp gained a lot of importance as a cash crop and was then cultivated. Even in the southern hemisphere, Australia there are several hemp fields. In some countries, hemp can be grown at home.

Hemp Wick is All Natural

Hemp is grown without the need for fertilizers and pesticides making it pure organic and safer than other wicks.

The hemp wick is coated in beeswax allowing it to stay lit. Hemp wicks are used as candle wicks as well as a way of lighting cigarettes, pipes, bongs, joint etc.

Why Smoke Cannabis with Hemp Wicks?

Hemp wicks provide a colder flame thanks to the beeswax than butane gas lighters, allowing for a cleaner and more aromatic inhalation of your product. Using hemp wicks will also ensure you won’t inhale any butane gas or flint particles.

Best of all Hemp wicks provide a less harsh hit due to the lower temperature, making it easier on the throat.

The easiest way to get your hands on hemp wick cheaply is like most products through Amazon.

The most popular wick is Hemp Wick by HempBees. It’s 100 feet of wick, sure to last you quite some time.

It’s a best seller because of its high quality at a low price. The Hemp wick is non-GMO and coated with natural beeswax. The wick does not leave behind any ash trails or excess wax drippings.

How to wrap the hemp wick around the lighter

If you carry a little butane lighter with you, you can wrap a two or three foot of wick around your lighter, and then point the end of the wick up near the head of the lighter so that when you use your lighter it will light the wick and you can turn off the butane gas, with the wick still alit.

The beeswax will ensure that the wick will stay firmly secured around the lighter.

hempwich beeswax bic lighter
Hemp wick twisted around a lighter as explained above.

The wick itself burns very slowly great for letting you take your time.

If you want to step up your game even further you could also look into buying a Bic lighter wrapper. It’s a plastic casing for your Bic lighter that will hold your wick around it securely. You could use a paperclip and some tape to hold the wick in place. If you want a more reliable and elegant option you could purchase a lighter wrapper from a company called Hemplights.


For $3 more, however, you can buy 2 wrappers coming with 8 feet of hemp wick. Which I’d say is a way better deal. Plus you can give one to your buddy, which he will surely appreciate.

Hemp Wicks - The Perfect Companion for your Lighter 2
You can add stickers onto your lighter to express your personality.

Hemp wicks are better for you as you don’t inhale any flint particles or butane gas but also using non-GMO hemp which has been organically grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers is better for our planet.

If you are a fan of hemp-based products check out our article on the 9 Hottest Hemp-Based Products You Need To Try In 2019. – Did you, for example, know that the first jeans were made from hemp fibers, instead of cotton?

Have you tried hemp wicks before, what do you think about them?

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