Cannabis and Meditation: What Should You Know?

by Alfred van der Heide
woman meditating by lake

Whenever we hear the word meditation, we think of some Buddhist or Hindu monks who make humming sounds in the lotus position with their arms slightly raised. Indeed, mediation can be described in a very spiritual way. It is an activity that brings harmony between body and mind. It creates inner peace and also helps to control thoughts. It is a technique that helps people by reducing stress, depression, sleeping disorder, and anxiety. Nowadays, many people believe that the combination of cannabis with mediation can be beneficial.

However, before welcoming this mixture into your life, it is important to know significant things about cannabis and meditation. Meditation allows us to be more intimate with ourselves, to become more sensitive and sensitive to our own emotions. It is the best way to open our minds to the deepest senses, feelings, and thoughts. It is not something that we do, but it happens automatically. In the stage of meditation, a person can become aware of his existence, and the purpose of meditation is to have control over his thoughts. It permits us to differentiate the various sensation and how to react to them. That’s when cannabis can be helpful. Many believe that cannabis helps to overcome several conditions that distract us from meditating.

How to Meditate

Most people think meditation is just a simple process of closing eyes and humming a sound. However, it is much more than that. There are certain things that you should follow to enhance your meditation experience.

Know Your Purpose: It is essential to know the real reason that will lead you to adopt this new practice.

Wear Comfortable Attire: While meditating, you need to put on the clothes you are comfortable in. Preferably, they should be white, and it is a neutral color. It is a symbol of peace.

Start with Small Sessions: If you are a beginner, you should start with small mediation sessions. Starting with five to ten minutes of sessions would be perfect for you. Then, you can gradually increase the period of the session and improve your experience.

Choose the Perfect Place: Having a space for meditation is the best. It should be quiet and far from all the distractions.

Correct Posture: There are actually several postures and meditation that can be done, i.e., walking, sitting, lying down, or in the lotus position. There are no certain rules for the perfect or the current position. You can find a posture that is suitable and comfortable for you.

Concentrate on Breathing or an Object: The main thing in the process of meditation to focus on inhaling and exhaling. This helps to bring the mind to the one thing, and you can meditate properly. You can also take some objects to concentrate. It can be a candle flame or an image, or a point on the wall. It doesn’t matter what object you choose. What does matter is that when the attention is kept on something fixed for a time, there is a stabilizing effect of the mind and a kind of fusion between the observed object and the observer.

Make It A Routine Activity: In order to meditate properly, you need to make it a habit. You need to have a lot of dedication and patience to do this daily.

Cannabis and Meditation.

You must have got an idea of the impact meditation can have in our life. Now it is important to know how cannabis can be mixed with meditation to make this experience even better. Now many people will tell you that getting high is also a meditation. Well, that is just thought of a young stoner.

woman meditating sunset

However, cannabis has been used by many cultures due to its effects on altering consciousness. Cannabis is a psychoactive substance that has spiritual within, which means it induces alterations in consciousness, perception, and mood. Ancient Indian books have mentioned cannabis as one of the most sacred plants on Earth. However, the oldest use in the practice of cannabis is mentioned in Chinese history. Taoist monks used the herb to communicate with spirits in their rituals.

Cannabis works as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. Its calming, euphoric, and relaxing effect is considered the perfect tool to carry out meditation. Most people who have used cannabis through their meditation practices describe their experience as a total immersion in the present moment, dissolving their worries from the past, i.e., stress, and those worries about the future, i.e., anxiety.

There are many forms of meditation. Some are closely related to religious practices, and others are even scientifically based. Mindfulness meditation is derived from ancient Eastern traditions, but it is practiced to stay connected to the present moment and provide tranquility to the mind.

How to Use Cannabis for Meditation?

woman smelling cannabis plant

Many studies have shown that cannabis helps with anxiety and stress. Meditation also does the same things. However, in the process of meditation, many distractions can harm the process. That’s when cannabis can be helpful. There are lots of varieties available in the market. Consumers can buy different products of weed online Canada. Each product has a different profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that manage to give a different and significant effect on what we want to find in meditation. It is believed that Indica varieties render a feeling of calm and relaxation, while Sativa is considered to offer more cerebral high and more activity. It is up to the user what cannabis strain or the product he/she wants to use.

Tips to Consider Before Using Cannabis for Meditation

Always keep in mind that the information provided here is completely applicable to you. Do not forget to consult an expert before using cannabis for any purpose so that you do not have an unpleasant experience with the use of cannabis and meditation. Each person has a different experience of cannabis or meditation. Thus, when you wish to incorporate cannabis with your meditation experience, there’s not a fixed dosage for everyone. Different products like Magic Boom Bars, strains, edibles, and others are available. You need to select the right and suitable product for you. Besides, you also need to consider your tolerance power and your purpose in combining these two experiences.

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