The 5 Best CBD Oil Trends of 2020

by Alfred van der Heide

As the CBD Oil industry continues to create waves around the world and the industry contains a multitude of vendors, you would be forgiven in thinking that it’s too late to sow the seeds of CBD selling.

Although it’s true that there are a plethora of CBD products out there, making use of current and upcoming trends can help you keep up with this fast-moving business and stay relevant from the competition. Furthermore, as a consumer by being aware of the varied options out there, you can pinpoint exactly what to purchase for your unique needs.

This article, therefore, aims to make clear the range of CBD ideas and newest trends out there for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Self-pampering CBD products

The 5 Best CBD Oil Trends of 2020 11

To kick off with we will start with the newest emergence in CBD products. In the last two years or so CBD supplements have been breaking the boundary with what they can achieve. Gone are the days of tinctures and vials dominating the Hemp Oil market- CBD bath bombs, topicals, creams, and salves have now hit the market. These are especially targeted towards young professionals and retirees enabling them to pamper themselves after a long day. These self-pampering products have a special purpose, for instance, CBD topicals address tension on your biggest organ- skin.

They do this by addressing tension, spasms, or muscle strain as the CBD content penetrates the skin directly instead of your bloodstream. Doctors around the world have stated CBD topicals helped support patients with chronic conditions. Moreover, athletes can make use of CBD topicals after a heavy gym session or sports event.

Same with CBD salves that work as a pampering agent for the skin. Youthful skin is maintained with CBD salve brands as CBD contains antioxidant properties that are said to be more potent than Vitamins C and E. This is because antioxidants help support the rejuvenation of the skin by speeding up healing processes of damage to delicate tissues like the epidermis.

CBD creams have had extra attention from male grooming enthusiasts. After the torture of scraping blades over your face (AKA shaving) the anti-oxidant properties of CBD can help the build-up of skin after this process. This is because shaving, although necessary, can cause razor burn, shave bumps, and skin damage. However, CBD and its healing nature can be a great after-shave application to cool and soothe the skin.

CBD bath bombs have been very popular in recent times. In an age of constant online presence for work or social life, we have very little time to ourselves. Therefore, why not use CBD or other natural ingredients to amplify your me-time? CBD Bath Bombs are placed in bath water that then fizzes and dissolves. Many CBD bath bombs contain other healthy oils that permeate the water and the CBD in the bomb caters to your skin’s health.

On another interesting note, it’s predicted that CBD products that enable self-pampering or self-care will increase in popularity and sales during coronavirus. Even though consumers might be less likely to purchase high-quality goods during uncertain economic climates, luxury goods that cater to one’s happiness and self-care can actually increase their sales. This is called the “lipstick effect” where luxury items (like CBD) in tough times rise in popularity as people look to destress in perilous times. This theory could serve well for business people looking to enter the CBD market.

So consumers and people looking to enter the industry can see alternative CBD routes to market by taking advantage of a range of self-pampering products that aid beauty, skin health, and CBD supplementation.

CBD with extra ingredients

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Every successful entrepreneur knows that infusing your product with an additional benefit gives it an extra edge and selling point. CBD sellers are no exception. Consumers can now purchase infused CBD products that make use of other added natural ingredients to double up on supplementation for their individual needs.

One example would be infusing CBD with Turmeric which makes the best of both CBD and Turmeric in one go. Specifically, Turmeric’s active ingredient called Curcumin which is researched as a useful anti-inflammatory. Curcumin works on people’s joints and cartilage by blocking the enzymes that cause painful inflammation.

As a result, Turmeric is a great compliment to Hemp Oil and its related cannabinoids including CBDa, CBG, CBGa, and CBC. This is because cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system in order to maintain your bodily functions and Turmeric is similar in working with your bones. The result, therefore, is a double-action supplement that consumers can make real use of by getting two supplements in one.

Other interesting combinations include Vitamin C with CBD in tincture, oil, capsule, or gummy form. Consumers should look out for such supplements if they wish to support their endocannabinoid system and immune system at the same time. Vitamin C is known to help strengthen your immune system which is great during the current pandemic.

Alternatively, CBD can be used in fruit smoothies if consumers wish to forgo hunting for specialized CBD infused products. For example, you can mix a few drops of your favorite CBD drops into a tasty fruit smoothie or even coffee to get your CBD fix.

All in all, by looking at different offerings of CBD mixed with other products, consumers can make use of two healthy substances in one, which saves time and is great value for money.

CBD for pearly whites

Another recent trend has been the addition of CBD in your daily dental routine. CBD toothpaste and mouthwashes are gaining momentum. This is because CBD acts as a bone stimulant to maintain teeth against decay and erosion. This is useful for consumers who are conscious of their high sugar and acidic diet that’s detrimental to healthy teeth and gums. The greatest catch however with CBD for teeth is that people can choose whether to purchase it from a particular vendor or create their own.

The 5 Best CBD Oil Trends of 2020 13

Moreover, CBD is a known anti-inflammatory that is most applicable for those looking to minimize the chances of gum disease. This is because gum disease causes painful inflammation in the mouth. Naturally, CBD can be a support for those struggling with this symptom.

To create your own CBD toothpaste you will first need to identify your chosen brand of CBD. Preferably one with MCT coconut oil. After this find, some common peppermint oil drops, or peppermint flavored CBD oil drops and mix the two. Then find some baking soda and two tablespoons of glycerin.

Now that you have your base ingredients you should thoroughly mix them. You will find CBD toothpaste tastes just like your regular toothpaste or Colgate except it’s extremely healthy for the teeth and forgoes excessive chemicals or additives. Therefore it’s perfect for those wanting a versatile take on CBD Oil to be applied to all aspects of life.

Alternative cannabinoids on the horizon?

Moving on to the next trend, we all know that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in the Hemp plant. CBG is another potent, useful component of this natural plant, and rumors are circulating that it could be the next new trend that people should be aware of. This is because CBG like CBD supports your endo-cannabinoid system, but is it worth isolating CBG as a supplement in the first place?

The 5 Best CBD Oil Trends of 2020 14

For instance, people have been arguing that CBG is much too expensive to extract from Hemp plants as farmers need to sow their crops much earlier than CBD, as CBG gets quickly converted to CBD later on in the maturation cycle. This separate growing process means farmers need to have two separate plantations, one for CBD and one for CBG and so this requires more land to be bought.

CBN is another cannabinoid that’s making some headway in the global Hemp Oil market. This is an unusual cannabinoid as it isn’t commonly found in your standard Full Spectrum Hemp Oil because of its difficulty in extraction. For example, CBN is formed through the oxidation of THC when it is formed in a Hemp plant, but this leaves many obstacles for suppliers. This is because in order to yield a decent amount of CBN you have to grow Hemp plants that give a lot of THC for oxidation- a difficult feat considering Hemp plants barely give you 0.3% THC. Therefore the Hemp plant needs to be left to mature longer, whereas using them for the other cannabinoids is a quicker and easier process.

The result is that CBN rich Hemp plants have to be grown independently from Hemp plants used for CBD due to the different processes needed to yield CBN. This is costly and farmers for the majority have Hemp plants bred for CBD due to its higher popularity.

That said there are some CBN isolate products out there that have grown in popularity due to CBN’s ability to bind to CB2 receptors that are connected to sleep patterns. Hence it has some support for insomniacs.

However, regarding CBD, specialized equipment is needed to take out CBG from the Hemp plant. For example, certain chromatography equipment is needed to isolate CBG from the plant. Given that CBG comes with just a few percentiles in Hemp, this allows for a longer and more expensive process of extraction. Therefore entrepreneurs looking to enter the Hemp market will want to keep this in mind before committing to CBG products on their sites.

Another reason CBG and CBN supplements lose credit is the fact that CBD and its related cannabinoids are all needed to work together to create the entourage effect. Seeing as though this is the whole reason consumers purchase Hemp Oil products in the first place, pure CBG/CBN products could prove unpopular. Therefore consumers should look out for whether their CBG/CBN products contain other cannabinoids as well, so they know they’re definitely making use of the entourage effect whereby all cannabinoids work together to effectively bind to cannabinoid receptors to support health.

Ultimately it may be that companies who choose these alternative cannabinoids as an avenue for sales mix it with CBD at high concentrations. Due to the expenses in extracting however, they will likely charge a high premium for their product, but as CBD is also present in their Hemp Oil consumers can still make use of the entourage effect.

CBD booze

The 5 Best CBD Oil Trends of 2020 15

Last but not least a coming trend in CBD products is CBD infused alcohol. In the saturated CBD and beer, lager or booze market, this product looks to differentiate itself in both industries whilst effectively hitting two large target markets.

There is some research out there stating that the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 can hinder excessive intoxication when drinking alcohol. So why not enrich these receptors through cannabinoid supplementation? This is the first point proving the efficacy of CBD alcohol.

Secondly, CBD beer is another ingenious way to make certain you get your daily ingestion of CBD per day. Most people enjoy a responsible drink at the end of the day. Therefore CBD alcohol can kill two birds with one stone as not only can you have your daily tipple but your CBD dosage too at the same time.

However, both of these substances are at odds with one another. CBD is a food supplement meant for healthy living. Alcohol is actually a poison and the root cause of many lifelong illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver cirrhosis. Therefore ironically you could be doing more harm than good when drinking CBD alcohol per day.

That said the hoppy goodness in beer and the earthy notes from CBD has become a niche in some beer drinking circles. This is mainly because the lager and ale industries have become increasingly homogenized as there is no end to the options out there. CBD booze therefore can be a chance for business owners to charge a high price for their CBD beer as the added CBD becomes a USP or unique selling point, distinguishing CBD beer from the competition. As natural living and ingredients soar in popularity, CBD as a vegan-friendly source can be a great way to have beer grab the attention of environmentally friendly people.

Ultimately it comes down to the consumer. CBD infused alcohol can be a great solution to those regularly forgetting to take their daily CBD dosage by being conveniently mixed with their weekly drink. But the chances of being over-reliant on CBD booze can have unwanted after-effects. Long story short- drink responsibly.

In conclusion

To finish off we will outline briefly the trends discussed in this article. For consumers looking to pamper themselves after a long day, or due to boredom in lockdown, self-pampering CBD products are a great solution. These include CBD topicals, salves, bath bombs, and creams that all promote skin health.

For those looking to get more out of their usual CBD supplementation, they can look for CBD infused products with added natural ingredients, such as vitamins or turmeric. This is also a useful idea for people looking to get into the industry and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Thirdly dental health can be promoted through CBD toothpaste that consumers can either create themselves or purchase online. This upcoming trend is great for those looking to improve the health of their gums as more CBD toothpaste populates the market.

Alternative Hemp Oil variants like CBN supplements could be an exciting opportunity for new vendors on the scene, but the complications in extraction could be too pricey and CBG/CBN by itself isn’t too useful. Therefore this is a less promising trend.

Lastly, CBD booze is a trend allowing consumers to get their CBD dosage in their favorite drinks with friends. However, alcohol can be detrimental to health and they should be careful to not over-consume this product.

In essence, we hope this article has made clear the five most interesting trends in the CBD market that consumers can look out for, or that business owners can make use of.

By Shyam Kotecha

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