Affordable Beauty and Health in 2020

by Alfred van der Heide
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Today’s article is from Lori, one of our readers who is so kind as to share with us her experience with CBD Oil and beauty with us!

So, the holidays are behind us and January always brings a sense of panic with money, weight, health, new goals, wish lists and aspirations. The older I get, the more I understand that it’s just another month and I probably won’t succeed at everything I wish I would have done the year prior. So just choose one, an important one that you can put into practice every day. One that will make a difference in your well- being.

Let’s face it. All of us men and women, young and old, are under pressure to maintain our outer mold. We are critical, whether we want to admit it or not. You know when you look at someone, your first impression holds a lasting effect. After all, no bags, few wrinkles, and skin that glows must come from hours of time and money. So, what happens when you age? Society doesn’t look upon that word very graciously. A word that used to mean wisdom, grace, and warmth? We are expected to look appealing and vibrant. When we don’t, respect and dignity are out the door.

Going under the knife has been the ultimate form of “fixing” our age. Just watch an episode of the Housewives and you’ll see what that looks like. No thank you. So the average cost of a facelift in the United States is $7,600, which does not include anesthesia, operating room expenses, and other expenses. You could cut costs by passing on the anesthesia…just kidding. Next in line of fix-it treatments comes chemical peels. I mean think about it! A chemical peel. Probably a lot cheaper but let’s break that one down. A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. Removing top layers of your face? No thank you. And yet another procedure, Blue Light, a treatment that I willingly fell into because my insurance would 100 percent cover. The insurance company agreed to cover because I had more precancer growths on my face than a cheetah has spots. Well, I’ll never do that again. It was one of the most painful things I’ve done. Two days of frozen peas on my face with my eyes swollen shut. Was it worth it, well yes, we all like compliments, right?

My dermatologist told me I was born in the wrong part of the world with my type of skin. Like I had anything to do with that. Hello mom, I’m fair, can we move to Scandanavia? Somewhere down the family tree, someone took a wrong turn.

But California is where I ended up with the bright blue skies and beautiful beaches.

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This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

Affordable Beauty and Health in 2020 5

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

Some of us were not blessed with olive skin tones, flawless skin, and teensy tiny pores. One hundred percent opposite would be me. I was raised in the generation of no sunscreen, lots of baby oil and tons of blistering. All my high school friends had beautiful skin and tans that came easy. Once the sun came out in beautiful Southern California, I would be the first to try yet again to obtain the glow everyone else had. I even had a sunlamp my mom bought me for minor acne, but I loved to use it to always have that red burnt skin that I foolishly thought looked appealing.

So now after five “minor” surgeries with skin cancer, the sun is no longer my friend. And six months ago, the mirror wasn’t either. The best-kept secret? CBD. Not marijuana, mary jane, hooters or joints. CBD is the most healing, natural, and most pure way to beauty. I’ve been using it for six months and yes, people are noticing. Friends and family are asking me what I did. I am just being diligent with my morning and night regiment of using Cannatera, It’s an anti-aging, CBD infused skin care line that I love. It’s also good for Rosacea, which I suffer from. Although rosacea never goes away, you would never know I have it. Oh, and did I mention…Cannatera was voted number one with Dermascope magazine for the “Best CBD Moisturizer”.

I have found that CBD and hemp seed oil helps with the inflammation I experience. The older I get, the more I see it in my face. The bags on my face have disappeared and the fine lines have faded. About once a week, I use a CBD infused mask, also made by Cannatera. I love how it hydrates my skin.

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I’ve been doing my research on the benefits of anti-inflammatory remedies for our bodies. Inflammation affects just about everything from weight gain to pain. A weak immune system will cause inflammation. This is just another great reason to eat well and get plenty of sleep, not just another New Year’s resolution to forget about. Inflammation could result in the growth of abnormal cells and cancer cells. YES, cancer cells. So, are we on to something about cancer? The dreaded “C” word with no cure? I think we can do our best to fight it with a strong immune system. That is one of my goals this year. To have a strong immune system so that I can be the best I can be, for others and myself.

There are so many CBD products out there, so I’ve tried a lot. Tinctures, salves, gummies, you name it. I use Reef CBD. A lot of gyms are stocking it, especially the Muscle Relief they carry. It just makes sense, if CBD helps with inflammation then CBD is good for the workout. And yes, with the New Year already here, the gyms will be packed, and muscles will be sore. Hopefully, we all will go farther than February this year and maybe with CBD pain relief, we can do it. Fingers crossed.

Reef CBD gummies are amazing. I eat them daily morning and night. The taste is addictive, and I need to make sure I’m not eating them like candy. I used to suffer from insomnia, but I sleep so much better now. I even dream which means I’m sleeping soundly. Having a good night’s sleep is vital for your health and by starting with that, I can concentrate on taking better care of myself.

Did you know that scientific studies have been shown that Cannabidiol will help with anxiety, epilepsy, high blood pressure, pain, and PTSD, I hope and pray that many will grow to understand and accept the importance of the use off CBD.

So…my 20-month-old grandson no longer suffers from eczema because of CBD oil and my twelve-year-old granddaughter has beautiful flawless skin. She also has a strict regime morning and night using Cannatera. She told me most of her friends in junior high are suffering from acne. Dermatologists just aren’t on board with natural remedies, as most doctors aren’t. Usually, the first choice for treating acne is tetracycline. Oral antibiotics should be used for the shortest time possible to prevent antibiotic resistance. Doctors will also prescribe Isotretinoin which is a powerful drug that’s used to treat the most severe cases of acne. Sometimes a doctor will recommend this drug if you have severe acne that doesn’t get better with other medications, including antibiotics. But the side effects are not something I would take the chance with for my teenager.

We are stinkin’ busy and life is overwhelming sometimes. If you’re a working mom especially, you need your health. If your career is demanding and requires a lot of travel, your health is vital. Taking care of it requires diligence, patience, and strength. It is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. How you eat reflects how you feel. I’m not just talking about dieting or wanting to lose weight. I mean…come on, we all know that is a battle we all fail at. I know you have all heard it before…you are what you eat. But your cells need to be healthy to fight against fatigue and illness. And when you work all day and must be a mom when you get home, fatigue is a bad road to travel down. And if you travel, getting on an airplane requires an immune system made of steel.

So, I’m excited about all the new benefits that CBD has to offer. This is the one resolution I “plan” to stick with…taking care of my body, my skin, my immune system, my health, for my well being and my families. Do your research, I have, and I’m amazed at how natural remedies are coming back to us as the most effective way to fight against unwanted effects on our bodies.

Happy New Year! Be kind to others and take care of yourself, educate yourself on ways to be healthy this year. After all, we can’t control everything, but we can sure try to control our destiny.

I’m sold. Going the inexpensive, natural way for beauty and health in 2020.

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