CBD Dosaging Calculator For Horses

by Alfred van der Heide

CBD oil is made from hemp, which is a cannabis plant and does not carry a narcotic effect. CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol, one of the chemical components found in cannabis or marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the other component also found in cannabis, which is psychoactive and responsible for the state of high. Thus, CBD is not a psychoactive substance, but nonetheless carries a lot of therapeutic benefits. These properties are different from medical marijuana used to reduce pain and alleviate symptoms. CBD oil is a cannabis extract of legal varieties of hemp, the content of THC in the product does not exceed the legal limit of 0.2%. it is used in medicine as a food additive in the treatment of various diseases. To read more about CBD click Here.

CBD oil is used by both humans and animals to treat a wide variety of issues. CBD is commonly used by humans for example to treat anxiety and stress.

For dog’s CBD can be used to reduce scratching and itching, as well as easing a dogs pain during illnesses such as cancer. More info click here.

CBD is derived from the Cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is also responsible for hemp bedding. Undoubtedly the best bedding one can get for their animal.

Hemp bedding is odorless, and able to absorb up to 4x its own weight in liquid as well as being naturally resistant to mold. 

Horses greatly benefit from hemp bedding as it provides them with proper comfort and reduced stress on the skin when they lie down.

cbd calculator horses

Horse resting.

As horses are large animals it is recommended to get a high concentration of CBD oil, otherwise, you would have to use many droplets to treat your horse.

We recommend you have a look at HonestPaws, who specialize in creating CBD treats for dogs. Their CBD Oil for dogs however also works well with horses.

As per their own recommendation: ‘Purity Solutions – CBD Oil For Dogs – Level 3’ recommended to treat your horse by an industry professional.


To calculate the recommended dosage for your horse follow HonestPaws guidelines, or try our useful calculator below.

Step 1. Discovering your recommended dosage in mg.

1.1 Measurement type
1.2 Horses Bodyweight- (Miniature: 350lbs, Pony: 900lbs, Horse: 1500lbs, XL/Draft: 1500lbs+)
Enter your horses bodyweight:

[Optional] Step 2. converting that to intake

2.1 Calculating Strength
Is the CBD concentration displayed as a percentage or in milligrams (mg)?
Displayed in milligrams (mg)
Displayed as a percentage (%)
 2.2 Consumption medium
Oil Drops
 2.3 If you clicked on "Oil Drops" please enter the volume of the tincture in mL.
Your Horses Recommended Dosage:



Created by HempOilTalk.com

Use at your own discretion.

Calculator assumes 1 mL = 20 drops.

Calculations based on data from innovetpet.com

CBD Dosaging Calculator For Horses 2

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