The Complete CBD Guide For Your Dog (2020)

by Alfred van der Heide
cbd dogs

When it comes to our furry friends, we want nothing but the best for them. Dogs cannot voice out their pain and discomfort so as a pet owner it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to ensure that they lead the best lifestyle. CBD dog treats are a good and organic product that is a natural solution to prevent your dog from suffering and also reduces their stress and anxiety.

cbd for dogs

What is CBD?

hemp plant

Cannabis – The plant from which CBD comes from.

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol; it is a natural cannabinoid that is present in the plants of the cannabis family. One might think that CBD is a psychoactive stimulus, but that’s far from the truth. CBD dog treats do not have any intoxicating effects and provide your dog with a calming sensation, as well as acting as a natural pain-reliever. One can provide their pet with the benefits of CBD through oils, or with specialized CBD infused dog treats that are available in the market. And your dog will love!

CBD has also shown to have a plethora of benefits for humans.

Benefits of CBD for dogs

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the worst things that one can go through, dogs and humans alike. It causes restlessness, finding relief can be especially tough. Notably, in the case of dogs, as they can’t convey if they are feeling anxious. Many dogs suffer from anxiety and stress; separation anxiety being one of the major problems observed in dogs. You might have experienced it yourself, how your dogs start pacing and urinating around the house, or it starts chewing on various objects and engages in many other destructive behaviours whenever you are not around. Actions like these could be a clear case of behavioural separation anxiety.

Our French bulldog, for example, starts howling whenever she is lonely.

CBD oil-infused biscuits and dog treats have a relaxing stimulant which works by calming down your dog and reducing its anxiety. If your pet is displaying symptoms, as a pet owner, you could try using CBD infused dog treats, if you think that your dog has been showing signs of anxiousness or stress.

Helps in treating Epilepsy and seizures

Seeing your pet experiencing seizures is a major cause of worry for pet owners. Your dog might have epilepsy, the number of dogs suffering from these type of problems is incredibly high, and sometimes medications do not seem to work. CBD is known to help in treating epilepsy and seizures, CBD is an organic product with a high level of cannabinoids, which helps your dogs in managing their seizures. CBD is also known to decrease the frequency of the seizures. In some cases, it has even eliminated them.

Helps dogs battling cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is not just limited to humans. Many dogs who are showing signs of chronic pain, nausea and loss of appetite are often diagnosed with cancer.

By making the dog feel more comfortable, CBD can reduce the side effects that your dog faces in these difficult times. Research has also shown that many dogs that are given small doses of CBD daily are less susceptible to developing cancer as these products aid in killing and preventing cancer.

Boosts Appetite

dogs sleeping

Dogs calming down

Dogs can lose their appetite due to a variety of reasons, often difficult to identify. Nausea is one of the major causes that lead to loss of appetite in the case of dogs. Humans have access to a variety of medicines and supplements that increases their appetite, helping them relieve nausea, and reduces their pain. CBD is a natural medicine that can relieve these symptoms in your dogs.

Reduce or stop itching

It’s common for dogs to have an itch sometime or another. You will see them scratching various parts of their body using their paws which sometimes causes pain in the case of a terrible itch.

This itching could be due to ticks, hot spots, infection, inflammation, or a blocked colon. CBD dog treats help dogs by not only soothing and comforting them but also by relieving the pain when they have scratched themselves too much. CBD products are a safer and more organic way of treating itches as opposed to harsh medication.

Along with the benefits as mentioned earlier of using CBD infused dog treats, there are many other health issues that CBD is known to provide relief. Some of them being:

CBD oil drops

One can also choose to provide a regular dosage of CBD to their dog in the form of oil droplets. Pet owners can put a few droplets of the CBD oil in the regular dog treats (dosage should always be given according to what the manufacturer has recommended for each CBD oil brand), or they can directly use a tincture to drop droplets into your dog’s mouth.

The following are some of the benefits of using CBD oil for your dog:

  • Improves dog’s fur and skin condition.
  • Reduces shedding.
  • Maintain healthy organ function.
  • Strengthens the immune system of the dog.
  • Promotes healthy growth and development.

Myths surrounding CBD products

Since CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant species, also known as marijuana, some pet owners hesitate in using CBD dog treats for they fear that their dog will feel buzzed or get high. One needs to understand that the psychoactive effect of marijuana is due to the presence of a component called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD droplets have close to none (less than 0.3 per cent – by law) of THC and solely contain cannabidiol (CBD) which has all the aforementioned benefits.

You do not have to worry about CBD products causing your dog to get high, they are completely safe and non-toxic. However, it is recommended that you talk to your vet first before making any changes to your dog’s regular diet.

What to look for in CBD dog treats

With a variety of brands offering CBD dog treats, it is essential to know certain key aspects that you should keep in mind before purchasing the product so that you can choose the ideal product. The following are some things that you should look out for before selecting a product:

It should be completely organic.

It is essential that the CBD infused dog treats are completely organic, and the Cannabis is dried out and cured so that there is no chance of it containing pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilisers or heavy metals.

Some manufacturers even add organic coconut oil to the dog treat, resulting in a delicious flavour that your dog would want to eat. I would also recommend that you look for CO2 extraction rather than through liquid solvents, as they can contain harmful chemicals like ethanol and hexane.

Check the THC content

THC is the chemical responsible in marijuana for making a person feel buzzed. It is essential to check the THC content in your CBD dog treats before purchasing it. Typically, the THC content should be less than 0.3%.

Get a Certification of analysis

If you are doubtful; You should ask for an independent lab testing results and the certification of analysis to ensure that the CBD dog treats that you are purchasing is entirely safe to feed to your dogs.

Purchase from a high-quality brand

While you will find many brands that are offering CBD dog treats at a very low price, it is essential that you ensure that the quality is of the highest standard. Some brands that sell CBD products at a meagre price could be using cheap extraction methods which may be harmful to your dog. Always check for the THC content and the certification of analysis also read the reviews of the customers who have already purchased CBD dog treats or CBD Oils from that brand before buying.

What Do Others Say?

I took to Facebook to see if anyone else has any experiences with giving their dog CBD oil.

I am part of a French Bulldog Facebook group, that’s why I am referring to the dogs as Frenchie’s 🙂

I started with the question: “Anyone have experiences with giving their frenchie CBD oil as a medicine?”

To my surprise, more people than I thought had given their pet dog CBD.

I removed peoples names for privacy sake.


Someone said that CBD helped their Frenchie with seizures, which complements what was previously mentioned.

Facebook response to cbd oil

Someone else said that they have been giving CBD oil to their pet labrador for his cancer.

Their pet labrador is acting like a pup again thanks to the CBD.

Another Facebook response about cbd for dogs

Other people want to give their dog CBD, as a means of getting them of artificial medication.

cbd for dogs facebook response

Another person who has a pup said that she rubs a little bit of CBD oil onto the pups gums to settle her down to sleep.

cbd for dogs facebook response

In general, CBD got a good response from this enthusiastic group of french bulldog lovers!

cbd good for joint pain


See what others think on Youtube:

Recommended CBD dog treats and oils

CBD Oils

dog wants cbd treat

Our dog begging for a treat

If you are thinking of purchasing a CBD oil for your dog, we suggest you try CBDPet. CBDPet is part of CBDPure who produce high-grade oils that are certified to be derived organically from industrial hemp grown in Colorado. No chemicals or pesticides have been used during the cultivation or extraction process. are tested in third-party labs, and their results are posted publicly on their website. CBDPet ensures complete transparency.

CBDPet also has 90-day product back guarantee, in case the customers are not satisfied with the product.

The main difference between the three products that CBDPet offers is the number of bottles per order, the dose of CBD per bottle stays the same. If you are looking to try the product for the first time, then I recommend you try a single bottle of 100 mg CBD oil. The batches of 3 and 6 CBD oil bottles work the same way, its just that your cost per bottle goes down, meaning overall it is cheaper per bottle. The initial investment is higher, however. The CBDPet bottles do make for great gifts for friends and family who are in love with their dog.

CBD Dog treats

Some pet stores now sell CBD dog treats. If they don’t, you could try to make them yourself by dripping the appropriate amount of CBD Oil drops onto a biscuit.

You can also buy CBD dog treats online. There are many websites from where you can order these treats that are delicious and healthy for your dog.

 Unfortunately Amazon has a no CBD oil policy, however, there are sellers on Amazon trying to trick people into buying treats by saying it is
hemp oil infused. Hemp Oil is not the same as CBD oil. CBD is a chemical, whereas hemp oil is similar to vegetable oil. 

Honest Paws CBD dog treats are some of the best pre-made dog treats out there. There are a number of Honest Paws CBD dog treats available; each treat tries to relieve a specific problem. For example, Honest Paws Calming CBD dog treats are meant to treat anxiety. The treats come in peanut butter flavour that will keep them en

gaged with the delicious flavour. On the other hand, if your dog has been showing signs of pain, then the Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD dog treats is the ideal product for your dog, providing relief and comfort to your dog.

cbd dog treat

If your dog has been suffering from allergy reactions, epilepsy, seizures or nausea, then Honest Paws Restore CBD dog treats are recommended as they can help restore your dog to good health. Furthermore, these treats come in coconut or peanut flavour, especially good for new pups that turn down anything new.


The recommended dosage of CBD oil is 1 mg/kg/day orally, but one should start with 0.5 mg/kg/day. The dosage also depends on the type of product or brand that you are purchasing. Therefore, it is essential that pet owners firstly stick to the CBD manufacturer’s recommendation for their dogs.

Dogs love snacks so make sure to be careful where you store your treats. Ensure that the products are away from your dog’s reach so that they do not end up taking more amount than what is recommended. If CBD is taken in large amounts, it may be harmful to your dog.

If you are not sure how much CBD you should give to your dog, we have built a calculator that does the work for you.

Furthermore, these products should be kept far away from the reach of children as no human being should consume CBD dog treats.


It is our duty as a pet owner to take care of our dog’s needs at all times. They can’t express in words that they are in pain or are suffering; we need to learn to identify if they are behaving differently. You should incorporate these products in correct dosages and of high-quality brands in your dog’s diet so that your dog leads a healthy life. If you are interested in trying CBD oil’s yourself check our other articles ‘What to Know Before Choosing a CBD Oil‘ or ‘Top 4 CBD Oil Benefits and Side Effects‘. Of course, it is absurd to assume that CBD oil can cure every single problem out there, but for many, it’s worth the shot. Just remember to always make sure where you obtain your CBD from as well as providing the correct dosages for your dog.

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