9 Hottest Hemp-Based Products You Need To Try In 2020

by Alfred van der Heide
9 hottest hemp based products

9 hottest hemp based products

Hemp is a subspecies of the Cannabis plant and has lots of industrial importance, as it can be turned into a fiber, oils and several other things. Hemp is typically used in food and nutrition, building materials, plastic, composite materials, paper, rope, and even for animal bedding. Hemp oils are available in various cosmetic products, such as tanning lotion, and body moisturizers. Hemp fibers are similar to other fibers like wool or cotton. Hemp fibers can be used to make handwoven bags, clothes or shoes.

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Hemp also produces nutritionally dense hemp seeds, often used to create vegan protein powder, favorite among (lactose intolerant) fitness enthusiasts. Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds and is used as a healthy alternative to other oil’s; it is even possible to consume hemp oil through tasty gummies, to improve overall health.

A popular misconception is that Hemp can make you high, as it is from the cannabis plant family. This is however not the case; hemp is grown for its industrial use and often contains so little THC that it will not influence you.

Hemp was first used in Central Asia, as far back as 4800 years ago. Although in the last 100 years the popularity of hemp has decreased due to its association with recreational marijuana use, we are now seeing progress towards universal adoption. We will further explore the many applications of this handy plant.

A Short History Lesson About Hemp Fabric

Hemp is an age-old crop which was mainly found in the northern hemisphere. Hemp always had several commercial uses but with the advent of time cotton was introduced, followed by jute as the commercial fiber and hemp started to lose its importance with time. Hemp dates back thousands of years. The first plants to be spun as useable fibers were hemp. Furthermore, for agricultural purposes, hemp was terrific as it is one of the fastest growing crops in the world.

In the last century, hemp regained some of its importance as a commercial crop and several hemp fields were established. Hemp gained a lot of importance as a cash crop and was then cultivated. Even in the southern hemisphere, Australia there are several hemp fields. In some countries, hemp can be grown at home.

Typical Uses Of Hemp

Commercially grown hemp has many uses. The fiber part of the hemp plant is referred to as the bast which relates to the fibers growing outside on the stalk of the plant. Depending on the process of removing the fiber, the color of the hemp fiber may be white, brown, grey, black or even green. Hemp fibers obtained from stripping the bast are usually as long as the length of the hemp plant itself. Later the bast fibers can be cut short according to the purpose of use.

In several parts of Europe and China, hemp fibers are mixed with building materials to obtain more concrete support. A mixture of fiberglass, hemp fiber, kenaf, and flux are combined to make composite panels for automobiles. Hemp fibers can be used for various purposes. The harder parts of the plants’ stem are used to prepare bedding for horses, chickens and other animals. There are several hemp trading organizations from where you can order several qualities of hemp.

hemp fibre

Hemp bast fiber.

Processing of Hemp fiber

The processing of hemp fibers is different from that of flax. For the production of fine hemp fiber textiles, it requires water retting which produces high-quality spinnable fibers which are woven to produce garments.

Retting, process employing the action of bacteria and moisture on plants to dissolve or rot away much of the cellular tissues and gummy substances surrounding bast-fiber bundles, thus facilitating separation of the fiber from the stem.ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA

In place of water retting, some industries use advanced treatment process using microorganisms or several enzymes which makes the processing easier and yields even higher quality fibers.


Hemp Fiber versus Cotton Fiber

A commonly debated topic is whether hemp fiber is as good of fabric as a cotton fiber is. When it comes to choosing materials for the things we wear, we want to find the best for us and our skin. Research has shown that hemp fiber makes for a more suitable fiber than cotton. Hemp fiber is comparatively more porous, which in turn allows our skin to breath more efficiently, as well as being more comfortable for us to wear in summer months and humid weather.

Hemp fiber has antibacterial and antifungal properties which ensure healthy skin. Additionally, Hemp fiber is resistant to mildew and several other fungi.
If you are wearing a garment made of pure hemp fiber, the chances of infection are considerably lower, than if you were wearing an article of clothing made of cotton fiber.

History fact: During the Second World War, the cultivation of hemp was promoted by massively by the US government as it produced the most durable quality ropes, much stronger than those made from cotton or jute or other such fibers.

Have a look at this documentary video produced by the US Department of Agriculture named ‘Hemp For Victory’ from 1942 for more historical information about the importance of hemp.


Hemp fiber is one of the most durable and usable fabrics in the world. Hemp fiber is biodegradable and can be degraded within a few months. During the processing of hemp, some industries, however, tend to use harmful chemicals to preserve the fiber. To cotton’s benefit, this is usually not the case. The use of chemicals may be detrimental to our skin. It is always a good idea to research how your hemp-based product has been derived. Cotton, when compared with hemp, does wear out quicker.

Hemp is easy to grow as it can be produced in a wide variety of soil types and with much less fertilizer. Cotton is often regarded as the ‘Fertilizer King’ because a considerable amount of fertilizers and pesticides are applied while growing cotton in mass quantities. Using large amounts of chemicals may cause damage to the soil in the long run.

Additionally, using chemicals to grow crops can result in rainwater runoffs which can contaminate nearby lakes and springs ultimately causing harm to the environment.


9 Amazing Hemp Products You Need To Try Out


1. Hemp fiber Twine

100% hemp twine is made directly from hemp fiber gives your arts and crafts projects that rustic feel. These come at a very reasonable price and can be used to build several products, such as stringing beads together, making dream catchers, plant hangers, gardening, or for gift wrapping.

hemp fiber twine

A ball of hemp fiber twine.


2. Biodegradable Hemp Mulch Mat

These are mats woven from hemp fiber. Widely used in many homes nowadays as they come for a reasonable price and are biodegradable. They are also environmentally friendly and are preferred in many developed countries. Hemp Mulch Mats have incredible strength and water absorption capabilities, as well as providing valuable nutrients to the soil. The Mats can also easily be cut into whatever shape you wish.

9 Hottest Hemp-Based Products You Need To Try In 2020 1

Hemp mulch mats can easily be cut with a basic pair of gardening scissors.

3. Hemp Wicks

If you smoke, you will love hemp wicks. Hemp wicks are made from beeswax and hemp twine and allow for a far lower flame temperature than a butane lighter. Additionally using hemp wicks to light your cigar, cigarette, bong, or pipe will prevent you from inhaling any butane gas or flint pieces. A lower flame temperature will allow for better aroma in your smoke. We have an entire article dedicated to hemp wicks, check it out here.

9 Hottest Hemp-Based Products You Need To Try In 2020 2

A spool of hemp wick.

4. Twisted Manila Rope Made Of Hemp Fibers

These heavy-duty ropes are solely made of hemp. They are often used in different craftworks, but also work great as an ordinary rope. Being environment-friendly it’s good to use these ropes in place of polyester ropes.

Hemp rope is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and is particularly popular with sailors, as ships and boats often used hemp rope as it was extremely strong.

The texture and look of hemp rope have almost become synonymous with strong winds, and large waves. Hemp rope was also particularly popular with hunters as it is strong enough to allow hunters to pull, attach, fasten and carry their pray. For more info check out our article.

A coil of twisted manila hemp rope

A coil of twisted manila hemp rope

5. Hemp-based Jeans

We are all fond of our jeans. We wear them daily; they are a trendy clothing item across the planet. But did you know that initially jeans were made from hemp fibers?

It is still possible to get these authentic hemp-based jeans online. These sturdy jeans are available in various fittings and styles and are pretty comfortable to wear, even in hot or humid weather as they are very porous.


hempy's hemp based jeans

Hempy’s makes some very premium quality jeans

6. Hemp paper

Hemp is often regarded as the ‘million-dollar’ crop because of its wide variety of usage.

Nowadays, hemp has turned out to be the eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper.

Until 1883 about 80 to 90 percent of total paper was made from hemp.

The process of making hemp paper is quite similar to that of manufacturing traditional paper. Using hemp fiber is a good alternative using trees as it is better for the environment. Several countries are looking for ways to be more efficient with their waste. The hemp-based paper is better for recycling.

Papers made out of hemp fiber can be recycled many times more compared to wood-based papers.

Eco-Friendly Hemp based notebook

Eco-Friendly Hemp based notebook

7. Hemp Oil Gummies

Everyone loves Haribo Gummie Bears, those wonderfully colored, chewy little treats.

The only issue with them was that you would always feel guilty after eating hands full of them, and maybe even a little bit hyper.

With the recent upsurge in cannabis legalization across the States, as well as Canada, hemp and hemp oil gummies are becoming more and more popular. Don’t worry these little treats from your childhood now exist with an infusion of totally safe, hemp oil extract, and won’t make you high. Giving yourself a good reason to have one now and then and feel good about it. That is because your body just received a big boost in Omega-3, 6’s, and 9’s, as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin B and more.

Hemp oil has been shown to aid in Stress Relief, Inflammation, Pain, Sleep, depression, Trauma, and Nausea.  For more information check out our full article about these awesome treats.

Our favorite hemp oil gummies from Keylor Nutrition

Our favorite hemp oil gummies from Keylor Nutrition

8. Hemp Protein Powder

From a nutritional point of view, hemp has become a top-rated source for protein.

Hemp contains several essential fatty acids from plant-based sources and can also be used by vegans and vegetarians. Several companies have launched protein powders from hemp sources.

They are usually additive free and are very popular among health enthusiasts.

Some such popular products are Just hemp foods, Natural hemp powder, plant fusion complete protein, and several others. If you lack protein in your diet, you can add a scoop of hemp protein powder to supplement your regular diet.

Just Hemp Foods Hemp Protein Powder Plus Fiber, 16oz; Non-GMO Verified with 11g of Protein & 13g of Fiber per Serving

Hemp Protein Powder. Just one scoop contains 11 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber.

9. Hemp Moisturizer

Hemp oil will naturally moisturize your skin like hemp lotion, additionally due to its high levels of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant.

Hemp oil can treat conditions like acne and psoriasis, as well as the aging effect of sunlight. This is why applying hemp oil on the skin can cause significant improvements for some. If you are looking for a real “Moisturizer” with hemp in it. Pure Herbal Extract by HEMPZ is the best of the best. Each 17 fl oz bottle contains natural hemp seed oils and a fresh fragrance.

The hemp lotion does not contain any harsh chemicals meaning no residue or irritation will occur. The shea butter helps reduce any redness; your skin will remain hydrated through anything. Whether you have winter dryness, flaking, or dry hands and feet, this body cream will help keep skin nourished and soft.

9 Hottest Hemp-Based Products You Need To Try In 2020 3

Hemp-based moisturizer



Keeping all these factors into consideration; Hemp fabric and fiber is regarded as a superior fiber as it is more comfortable to wear as a garment, the fiber is much more environmentally friendly compared to cotton, jute or other such fibers. The only thing one should look out for is whether any chemicals are being used in the process of creating the hemp fiber.

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