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by Alfred van der Heide
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For those who haven’t heard of it, Cannabis and its derivatives, CBD and THC are gaining fast in popularity. Weed legalization is gaining a booming trend in the current market as its being supported by many political leaders. Expanding the market for Cannabis is pretty hard since many websites and search engines prohibit the advertisement of Cannabis even in states where it is perfectly legal to purchase and consume. Still, getting constant news such as the next-door mom who became a millionaire just by cooking up edible versions of Cannabis, makes the trend grow wild.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC and Cannabidiol, coined as CBD is pretty popular since they aren’t constrained in the mode of intake. You can eat it, vape it, or let it enter through your skin. Also, with the current legalization spreading, you can Order Cannabis products Online in the UK. The below article is a list of Cannabis products/industries that have been on the rise in this ever-growing market as Cannabis is being legalized around the world. The article doesn’t involve any endorsement of the listed products and just mentions the popular products found.

The Chocolatier

Who isn’t a fan of chocolates? None, except maybe those who are lactose intolerant. Incorporating Cannabis into Chocolates is a new way of introducing medicine into the most popular edible item of all time. Weed brownies, pot cookies, and marijuana gummies are popular products that are sold in many countries where Cannabis is legalized. Although there are concerns such as children consuming them by mistake, it still is gaining a lot of popularity as it allows you to take your legal medicine in various forms. Aside from chocolates, there’s also the Gummy bear version, that’s popular among the crowd. With a medical marijuana card, you can get gummy bears, worms with CBD or THC in local dispensaries too.

The Beautician

lotion on skin

Cannabis beauty products have anti-inflammatory properties and are also said to be able to fight against acne. This also induces a euphoric feeling that helps to ease the pain while treating your skin. These benefits expand the scope of the market to suburban women as well. Cannabis Balms helps with muscle pain relief for those who had a big day. Lotions, bath bombs, bath salts, lip gloss, mascara, body wash, et cetera, are products that provide relief and relaxation at a whole other level and are widely popular among both men and women.

The Pharmacist

Some love to live the experience and some just need to get their relief. For the latter, the easiest available option is a Cannabis Capsule. These are often the most popular version of Cannabis sold in the market since it only exists as a medicine for the majority of the population. Capsules are as easy as they come. Just pick one, swallow it and let the deed be done. It is available in many pharmacies in Cannabis legalized countries such as the UK. Also, like these Cannabis Capsules, you can Order Cannabis products Online in the UK.

The Refiner

Everyone knows how oil is refined [Or so we hope….]. Well, Cannabis oil is just as its name implies. CBD oils have low THC, so, it gives you the best effects without getting too high. It’s an extremely versatile product that’s gained popularity due to its many uses and consumption in different forms. Cannabis oil is also used to treat Epilepsy. An oil known as Epidiolex is useful to treat rare forms of epilepsy. It can also aid in cancer treatment, anxiety/depression relief, and sleep issues. E-liquid in the form of a vape pen is the most common form available. You can also just place the oil in your mouth and swallow it as well.

The Brewer/Barista

cannabis drops in tea

Most people have the habit of drinking a lot. Cannabis doesn’t take the back row in this as it is also available in the form of Cannabis beverages. Cocktails infused with Cannabis are locally available in some bars in LA. Once legalized, its popularity will soar sky-high. You can also find drinks such as Cannabis Cola and fruit punch in places like Colorado. Beer is the most used drink for infusing Cannabis and experimenting on because the terpenes in Cannabis gives different aromas and tastes. You can also Order Cannabis products Online in UK. There’s another more popular drink that people of all ages enjoy, and that’s Coffee. Yes, you can also get Cannabis Coffee in multiple Coffee shops around New York since it’s the perfect solution for calming down people who just don’t fit in with a strong cup of coffee.

The Pet Lover

Can’t our beloved pets enjoy Cannabis? Nope, they can. Although it isn’t safe to feed your pets the same amount of Cannabis which you eat, pet products are available for their intake in several flavors and tinctures. Too much THC is still not good for dogs/pets. Since there aren’t many regulations on it, just make note that you haven’t gotten your pet too high.

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As you can see, Cannabis has been popularized across various industries that are competing with each other to gain more customers. This has brought about an explosion of Cannabis products in this decade. Go ahead and try some of the products mentioned above as they all have their unique charm in hooking you into the world of Cannabis products.

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