5 Incredible Health Benefits of CBD for Women

by Alfred van der Heide
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Being a woman is quite challenging today. Most women are like superhumans: always beautiful, always healthy, and always ready to move earth and heaven. Being on-stream is hard when you bleed and twist in pain every month. Hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and tons of stress at work and home also complicate women’s lives a lot.

Due to this, CBD is popular today. It provides plenty of health benefits. What is more, it doesn’t involve long-term side effects or causes you to feel “high” like from weed.

Millions of people across the US use CBD to manage daily stress. So what about women’s health? Thanks to recent medical research, we know that CBD can relieve women from many issues they experience daily. So today, you will find out all about the amazing CBD benefits for women’s health.

How CBD Affects Your Body

Your body is a sophisticated machine. Scientists keep discovering something new about it each year. Your body can produce endocannabinoids, which are like cannabinoids found in plants. It is possible due to the endocannabinoid system. It handles plenty of processes, including temperature, pain, mood regulation, sleep/wake cycle, satiety, etc.

Since CBD resembles cannabinoids produced in your body, it can impact your health in the same way as your endocannabinoid system does. Thus, CBD helps your body achieve homeostasis.

Well, for many people, this word means nothing. So let us find out how CBD helps bring harmony and what benefits it brings to women’s health.

How to Choose a High-Quality CBD Product?

Before buying hemp products, check the CBD legal states to find out whether you can use CBD products lawfully. Then, you need to select a high-quality CBD and do a little research on:

  1. THC content. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CBD products should contain 0.3% THC or less.
  2. Laboratory test results. Reputable CBD brands feature a certificate of analysis for each product on their websites.
  3. Certification. A CBD brand has to comply with hemp production standards. That is why you should prioritize brands certified by the US Hemp Authority.

CBD Benefits for Women’s Health

Fights Skin Problems

D:\Documents\Valera\Desktop\Dex Digital\October 2020\IMG\velizar-ivanov-n1fRY4nWg7o-unsplash.jpg

Women’s skin has lower collagen levels than men’s. Collagen is the protein that helps your skin regenerate, preserve smoothness, and elasticity. It also allows you to fight aging and skin conditions like acne, eczema, etc. This protein enables skin repair in general.

Since women have less collagen content in the dermis than men, they have to use plenty of skincare products to preserve their skin health.

CBD can become a rescue for the women’s skin since it can fight skin conditions like acne. Acne results from excessive sebum production when it plugs the hair follicles. Thus, an infection developed in the stuffed skin causes inflammation in hair follicles and leads to acne.

CBD can slow down excessive sebum production and thus prevent acne development. Moreover, CBD reduces pro-inflammatory markers in the affected hair follicles.

Thus, when you apply CBD to the skin, it helps you erase unpleasant pimples and prevent further acne development.

What is more, CBD can relieve symptoms of inflammation-based skin conditions such as eczema, rash, and psoriasis.

Alleviates Premenstrual Syndrome

5 Incredible Health Benefits of CBD for Women 2

Some lucky women tolerate periods well, without experiencing severe menstrual cramps, inflammation, and pain. Nonetheless, a period becomes a real torture for many women.

They may experience unbearable pelvic pain, bloating, breast tenderness, and throbbing headaches. Thus, they can hardly get through this without painkillers. While it is okay to take a pill to relieve pain for a couple of hours, you cannot predict a stabbing pain below your waist.

What is even worse, you will hardly prevent period cramps without stopping your menstrual cycle. But you can take CBD instead, which is entirely safe for your hormones, and, most importantly, can reduce muscle spasms and relieve pain.

CBD is a natural relaxant and painkiller that can relieve muscle tension and cramps, including those triggered by a period.

Fights Hormone Imbalance

All women will eventually face hormone imbalance that comes with menopause. It is a condition when a woman’s menstrual cycle stops, and she experiences the absence of periods for a year or more. It usually happens in your 40s or 50s.

Menopause involves a wide array of quite unpleasant symptoms that dramatically decrease your productivity and life quality. For instance, your ovaries stop producing estrogen, a crucial sex hormone. Once your estrogen levels drop, each organ system starts to suffer.

How can CBD help in this situation? While it doesn’t directly influence sex hormones, it can relieve several symptoms of menopause and promote better hormonal balance.

Cortisol Regulation

A drop in estrogen messes other hormones up. As a result, your cortisol levels begin to skyrocket. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which actually brings you short-term benefits like increased wakefulness. At the same time, elevated cortisol levels involve plenty of harmful health effects in the long run. For instance, they trigger weight gain, increased blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, etc.

As for CBD, a recent study has shown that it can prevent cortisol secretion. Thus, cortisol levels don’t increase under stress conditions in regular cannabis users. At the same time, these results don’t necessarily mean that CBD directly reduces cortisol levels. CBD alone can indirectly interfere with cortisol secretion. The matter is that your body produces cortisol in response to chronic inflammation. Since CBD copes with inflammation, it can indirectly lower cortisol levels, thus supporting hormonal balance. So, it is worth noting that CBD for hormone imbalance indeed works.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

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Unfortunately, stress accompanies women more often than men. Ladies have to deal with many more chores. After all, women are mothers, wives, cooks, workers, house cleaners, etc. What is more, we all know that women are more emotional than men due to mood shifts caused by hormonal changes.

Thus, women are 200% more prone to stress than men. Indeed, fluctuations in hormones cause women to experience anxiety and stress when men don’t usually see any issues. In this situation, CBD’s stress-relieving properties can come in handy.

A 2019 study shows that CBD can reduce anxiety symptoms by 31%. Under this medical trial, patients took CBD for three months. At the end of the treatment, their anxiety levels dropped from 23.87 to 16.35.

What is more, CBD efficiently treats post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that affects women twice as often as men. Thus, 10% of women develop PTSD compared to 4% of men. A 2019 PTSD study shows that 91% of PTSD patients improved their conditions after CBD treatment.

While antidepressants and sedative drugs involve plenty of adverse long-term effects, CBD doesn’t bring any harm. Patients didn’t develop tolerance to CBD. It means you can use CBD for stress management for as long as you need it without developing long-term side effects or addiction.

Fights Pain

Statistics show that women comprise 70% of all chronic pain cases. If you have any pain condition, your doctor will prescribe traditional painkillers that involve plenty of adverse effects. For instance, aspirin is harmful to your stomach, causing dyspepsia and even ulcer development. Due to this, many people opt for CBD as a novel pain medication. CBD binds with the TRPV1 receptor, regulating pain signals and inflammation.

As a result, CBD treats chronic and inflammatory pain well. Cannabidiol turns out to be so efficient that it even copes with hardly treatable pain syndromes when traditional painkillers stop working. For instance, it can treat fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disease that affects women predominantly. According to recent statistics, around 90% of all FM cases affect women. In a study of 2019, Fibromyalgia patients took medical cannabis with a combination of THC and CBD for six months. At the end of the treatment, they lowered pain sensitivity by 44% and improved sleep quality.

CBD for Women: How to Use It?

CBD has plenty of properties that make it a viable supplement for women. So how to use it to get rid of insomnia, anxiety, and pain? First, you should consult your doctor. CBD may interact with other drugs, and it is better not to start the treatment unless your practitioner approves it. A doctor will also help you determine a required daily CBD intake based on your symptoms.

It is because CBD treatment requires an individual approach, and you will have to determine the daily dose based on your condition, body weight, and metabolism. As a rule, you will need to take about 12 mg of CBD per day. If you don’t see any improvements, you need to gradually increase the daily dose until you achieve the desired effect. As for CBD products, you can choose whichever one you want.

There are plenty of CBD products in the market, including CBD tinctures, edibles, capsules, and topicals. They are all efficient, and you can use the most convenient one for you.

The Bottom Line

D:\Documents\Valera\Desktop\Dex Digital\October 2020\IMG\esteban-lopez-n57RcHSs4WQ-unsplash.jpg

CBD has plenty of benefits for women’s health. It relieves pain, reduces stress, inflammation, menstrual cramps, and promotes hormonal balance. Also, you can use it to cope with chronic pain and skin diseases. Therefore, you can undoubtedly add it to your daily routine to improve your quality of life. To benefit from CBD’s properties to the fullest, you should also opt for reliable, lab-tested, and certified CBD manufacturers. All in all, if you have ever thought of using CBD, it is high time to try it.

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