Why You Should Consider Hemp Clothing Over Regular Clothing

by Alfred van der Heide

Women’s hemp clothing had gone popular across the world because of its interesting advantages over ordinary cotton clothes. What makes hemp clothing so special in the market and what makes hemp superior to cotton material in fabric? These questions are common from fabric lovers. Hemp cultivation can make the soil nutrient-rich without providing any adverse action to the environment. As per studies, the majority of the plants cultivated for fabric production had induced pollution to the surrounding area of cultivation. Unlike other plants, hemp is renowned for its pollution-free cultivation. The cultivation of the plant in hemp yarn can make the soil free from microbial action. Hence the production of the hemp plant can help the farmers not only for providing fabric but also for making the soil nutrient-rich.


The cultivation of the hemp plant for the making of fabric requires only less maintenance because of its anti-microbial function. Unlike other plants like cotton, hemp cultivation can last for a longer period of time. Hence hemp cultivation for clothing needs assure a high return of investment value to the farmers. Hemp clothing styles had already gone popular worldwide because of its advantages. The anti-microbial function is one of the notable features of hemp clothing. Severe sweating conditions during a hot climatic condition can induce odor due to the presence of micro bacteria. You can alleviate this condition by making use of hemp clothing as daily wear. The compounds present in the fabric are notable for their ability to reduce the growth of the microbial bacterium in the fabric. Hence you can substitute hemp clothing for cotton to assure long-lasting freshness.

hemp plants in field

Did you know that hemp is the world’s best biomass, as you can grow 10 tons of hemp per acre?

Men’s hemp clothing is renowned for its softness and enhanced comfort option as the dress wear. The high fiber-like texture of the hemp plant assure quality and durable clothing to the user. The absorption of carbon compounds from the atmosphere is a notable feature of hemp clothing. People loving to buy eco-friendly products can utilize clothing made from hemp plants as their daily dress wear. It reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide in the surrounding area and reduces the risk of pollution naturally. Fabric made from hemp is noticeable for its long-lasting feature. Enriched fiber concentration of the hemp plant is found to be beneficial to assure high durability. Absorption of carbon dioxide by the fabric can make the dress wear more soft as you wear it daily. People in need of eco-friendly and soft clothing can select hemp clothing in their apparel list.


The disposal of clothing can act as a cause of pollution in the soil. The case of organic hemp clothing is reverse to this situation. Hemp clothing absorbs the carbon dioxide present in the region and reduces the risk of pollution in the surrounding region. Climate change is one of the main problems reported as a result of the greenhouse effect. The excessive emission of carbon compounds from vehicles and spray cans can act as the cause of the rise of temperature in the atmosphere. It can eventually lead the way to weather change due to pollution. Hemp cultivation for clothing needs only less water for its production. The production of the plant is very easier here and requires only less maintenance for its growth. Hence you can cultivate this plant for clothing in arid regions too. Cleaning of hemp clothing is also easier here. It requires only less water to disintegrate the dirt from the surface of the clothes.


Unlike other clothes, hemp clothes are found to be more breathable in nature. Hemp clothing allows more comfort and softness due to its thick fiber texture. Fading of the cloth color due to frequent wash is reported to be a common problem by the homemaker. You can alleviate this situation by making use of hemp clothing. Hence hemp clothing is one of the finest options for all in search of a clothing type that assures high durability. It can also prevent the occurrence of wear and tear due to the daily usage of apparel. Exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun is found to be the cause of sunburn issues. As per research, wearing clothes made from hemp is found to be effective to reduce the absorption of ultraviolet rays from the sun. It reflects the UV rays and reduces the risk of skin health issues due to the influence of harmful rays.


Keeping the clothes in wardrobes without use for a long period of time can induce the growth of microbial bacteria and fungi. This condition can be alleviated by the use of hemp clothing. It prevents the growth of fungi and reduces the damage happening to the dress wears. Apart from preventing the growth of fungi, the use of hemp clothing can also prevent the effects of mildew. The accumulation of harmful bacteria in the dress wears can act as the cause of skin rashes and blisters. You can reduce this condition by the use of hemp clothing as it can reduce the risk of microbial bacterial growth on the surface of the clothes.

single hemp plant

Hemp is 85% cellulose, almost three times more than trees.

The daily use of apparel made from hemp can make the cloth softer and more breathable. Those people in search of apparel that keep the body cool and softer can prefer hemp clothing for their daily needs. The use of antimicrobial lotions for the cleaning process of clothes can be avoided by the use of hemp clothing. The bacterial resistant property of the hemp clothes is found to be very useful to alleviate the troubles due to excessive perspiration in extreme climatic conditions. The odor-resistant property of the hemp clothing is also making this apparel a top suggested one in the online stores.


Hemp clothing is easily biodegradable and can be suggested as a safe and pollution-free clothing style that saves the earth. When compared to hemp clothing, cotton and polyester materials are harder. People preferring soft clothes can select hemp clothing from online stores. Hemp clothing due to its soft texture and high durability had captivated attire lovers across the globe. Worldwide acceptance due to its eco-friendly texture had made this clothing option a safe mode to save the earth.


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