Coronavirus Lockdown – Can I Still Get Marijuana Products?

by Alfred van der Heide

As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly throughout the country, state and county officials have asked people to stay indoors. The primary directive is for people to go out only to get things that are essential. These things include groceries, prescription drugs, gas for vehicles, and emergency medical care. But, in many places, cannabis has also become a part of this list. Many states have agreed that cannabis comes under essential items, and medical cannabis dispensaries could remain open during this pandemic. And you can get cannabis products if you live in any of these places that have considered cannabis essential. But, proper measures must be taken when it comes to getting your hands on marijuana products.

Dispensaries in various states are allowed to function normally as they used to. But, have been asked to take all the precautions and follow social distancing rules. In California, both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries and stores are allowed to function. Cannabis businesses in different states have to match the standards defined by the federal government so that they are deemed essential and hence remain open. In Nevada, regulators have allowed recreational stores and dispensaries to remain open only if they can prevent crowds from forming. Some places , however, are only allowing patients with a medical marijuana card to buy marijuana. This is why stores and dispensaries are urging people to order online or through the phone

How Can You Get Your Marijuana Products?

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In California, people can get marijuana products with the help of home delivery. There is a boost in cannabis sales for delivery as more and more people are ordering cannabis products at their homes amid the coronavirus lockdown. Lockdown can cause stress and anxiety in people, and cannabis products can help in managing these symptoms. Cannabis can help people suffering from various symptoms that also include stress and insomnia. A delivery driver for The Pottery (a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles) said that recreational cannabis can make it easier for people to make their days interesting and get by them quickly. So, it is safe to say that you can get marijuana products during the coronavirus lockdown through home delivery.

New Jersey

People can easily get medical marijuana products during the COVID-19 outbreak in New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Health is allowing dispensaries to provide curbside pickup that makes it easier for patients to access medical marijuana. Colorado was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in the United States. Regulators of Colorado have allowed dispensaries to take online and phone orders along with curbside pickup of cannabis products.

Other States

Similarly, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, and Oregon have also loosened restrictions. And in New Hampshire, doctors can prescribe medical cannabis using telehealth. Other states that have deemed medical cannabis dispensaries essential are Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Mexico, Washington, and New York. Medical cannabis can help people in dealing with various symptoms such as chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and more. And this is the reason why it is counted as essential. In order to abide by the rules of social distancing, many dispensaries and stores are providing more home deliveries.

The BCC has released a few guidelines for dispensaries and pot shops that they have to follow at all times. These are –

1. The employees that are sick must quarantine themselves at home.

2. The employees must wash their hands regularly.

3. Keeping a regular workplace clean.

Disinfect your Cannabis Package

And, while you are ordering your cannabis products during this coronavirus pandemic, you must disinfect the packaging that you receive. You have two options during this lockdown, either you can ask for home delivery or go for a curbside pickup. Dispensaries are opting for these ways to keep both the staff and customers safe. And it is very important for you to disinfect the plastic packaging and bud jars whenever you get your cannabis products.

Any staff member at cannabis dispensaries feeling sick is quarantining at home. But, there are some people that are asymptomatic, which means that they can carry the SARS-CoV-2 virus without feeling any symptoms. So, they may feel fine but can transfer the virus to others in their surrounding environment through their hands and breath. And while every staff member wears disposable gloves, there’s still the possibility that not everyone is wearing masks all the time. Hence, the droplets of the virus can transfer onto their gloved hands, and further onto the packaging of cannabis products. And what we know till now is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can live for one to two days on different surfaces. For cardboard and metal surfaces, it can survive up to 24 hours, while on plastic surfaces, it can survive for up to 2 days.

How To Disinfect Your Package

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To be on the safe side and eliminate any chance of catching the virus, you must take all the precautions. Whenever you receive your packaging, wipe it with a strong disinfectant. Or you can put the package in your car or some other place to cool off for a day or two. Think of this virus as a bug that can jump from one surface to another very easily. Well, it’s difficult for me to wait for 2 days to open the packaging of my order, so I choose to clean each and every item with a disinfectant as soon as I get it. You should also do the same, just wipe your items as soon as you receive them. Also, you just need to clean and disinfect the outer packaging, not the actual cannabis product.

The next question is, which cleaning product to use that is strong enough. There is a list maintained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) that includes 357 disinfectants that are approved to be used against the COVID-19. Yes, you read it right, 357 disinfectants. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through all the disinfectants to choose one. I’m mentioning some of the best ones for you, and you can pick from them if you want according to your needs.

  • Formula 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Disinfecting Spray
  • Clorox Scentiva Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Clorox 4-in-1 Disinfecting Spray
  • Wet Ones Antibacterial Face And Hand Wipes
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

There are some home remedies also that you can opt for in case local stores are out of these disinfectants.

Bleach Solution

You don’t need to spend too much to make your own disinfectant. Just mix four teaspoons of bleach with one quart of water. Then take a spray bottle and fill the solution in it. You can also use one-third cup bleach per gallon of water. And if you want to make a stronger solution, mix one-third cup bleach in one quart of water. But make sure not to use straight undiluted bleach. Use your judgment and make a good solution for yourself.

Isopropyl Alcohol

You can use highly concentrated alcohol as a potent COVID killer. You just need a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution to kill the coronavirus. Rubbing this solution can protect you from the virus. But, don’t use Vodka, it will not help you as it is not strong enough to be used as a disinfectant.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can also use hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant. And just like alcohol, you can rub it to kill the coronavirus. Just ensure that it is not diluted.

Also, you need to restrain yourself from using certain things, such as vinegar and vodka or other drinking alcohol. I have seen people believing that these can also be used as disinfectants, but that is not the case. These things are simply not strong enough to stand any chance against the coronavirus.

One more mistake you have to restrain yourself from doing is to mix different fluids. Seriously, don’t even think of mixing different types of disinfectants or cleaners and other solutions like bleach or ammonia. Mixing different solutions can be harmful to you, so don’t try to be a home chemist.


Final words

Marijuana is now considered as essential in many states as many people are relying on medical marijuana. Many people use marijuana for their medical condition as directed by their 420 doctors. And this is one of the biggest reasons why

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dispensaries are made an essential service that comes under “Healthcare Operations.” They are on the same list that includes hospitals, pharmacies, and dentists. Due to lockdown, every other business in the United States has been forced to remain close. Whether it is a mall, shopping center, or children’s playground.

You can get cannabis products delivered to your home. You need to order online or through the phone to get your products. And when you receive your product, make sure to disinfect the packaging to avoid catching the virus. There are various ways and products that can help you with cleaning and disinfecting the packaging that you get. You can either buy disinfectants from the market or you can make one on your own at home. Either way, it is important for you to disinfect the package that you receive. Again, you just need to clean the outer surface of the packaging as the virus can survive on various surfaces for up to 2 days.

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